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From Fishy's Fly Box

Now Available on DVD!

Tranforming a piece of foam into a fly that looks like a red-legged grasshopper you just captured from the garden, or developing a new tying technique, while wrapping a newly acquired craft store item around a hook is both challenging and fun! It's also a bonus when the new creation catches fish!

The 8 flies featured in "From Fishy's Fly Box" were chosen because they have proven to be some of Fishy's most productive creations. When fishing a trout stream, casting to a bassy-looking pocket along the shoreline, pursuing fish off the coast or on the flats, these flies have frequently caught fish when other more traditional patterns were refused.



Adult Foam Hopper


Baggy Nymph

Isty Bitsy Spider


Leather-Tail Streamer

Lipped Popper


Lacy Streamer

Bonefishy Fly


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